AGI has partnered with International Relief Teams to assist displaced families.  100% of your donation will go directly toward this effort.

On February 24, Russia launched an unprovoked attack against the Ukrainian people, the largest invasion of one country by another in Europe since World War II. Up to 8 million Ukrainians are expected to be displaced by this conflict! Many families, in fear of their lives, have fled their homes to escape the advancing Russian forces, and now face a very uncertain and difficult future. Working through local partners, IRT will be providing urgently needed aid to these displaced families. PLEASE DONATE NOW to help these desperate families.

AGI reached out to International Relief Teams for assistance with this urgent cause. We’ve worked directly with IRT since 2009 and have years of knowledge about their effectiveness. We trust them to urgently help displaced Ukrainians using partner organizations already on the ground in the region. We’ve noted that the situation is volatile and efforts to provide aid to the people of Ukraine can be a difficult task, due to things rapidly changing. It is our aim to send your contributions as promptly as possible, to those most in need.

AGI Board and Staff deeply appreciate your support, now more than ever.

May 10th, 2022 Update from International Relief Teams

In Ukraine

We are currently working with four partner organizations that have boots on the ground in the region: Convoy of Hope, Concern Worldwide, International Medical Corps, and Mercy Corps.

They are providing a wide variety of emergency items for refugees in Poland and displaced people inside Ukraine such as procuring items locally in Poland including food, baby food and formula, shelter items, clothes, water, emergency lighting, generators, and hygiene kits.

International Medical Corps is providing medical aid. They are offering medicines, medical supplies, and medical teams in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and Romania. The medical teams are providing critical and emergency health care as well as mental health care and treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes.

We are also working with Concern Worldwide which is trying to reach the most vulnerable communities inside Ukraine, who have been cut off from all services and supplies and are isolated due to the fighting.

In Poland and other bordering countries

Working with our partner Mercy Corps, in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland and is providing food, medicines, and cash. Cash transfers are one of the most effective and efficient ways to help people in a crisis setting, as it provides families the power to allocate those funds to what they need most.

With Ukrainian refugees arriving in Tijuana, Mexico

Auditorio Benito Juarez (stadium) has been opened to receive refugees – over 10,000 refugees have gone through this camp, so far. Working with local volunteers we have provided food, including Easter lunch, and medicines as needed. We also provide transportation and lodging to people crossing the border. As the situation evolves, we will continue working with refugees in Tijuana, although it is our understanding that recent policy changes will significantly reduce the number of people arriving at the Border. We are monitoring the situation closely to provide aid where it is most needed.

With Ukrainian refugees arriving in San Diego

IRT has been working with local churches to provide food, bedding, medicines, transportation, and other resources as needed to local organizations receiving Ukrainian refugees in San Diego.

As donations keep coming in, we will continue to identify and meet the needs of refugees and internally displaced people affected by this war.