Become a part of the mission to inspire 

support for humanitarian and environmental causes!

If you're not sure how you'd like to partner with AGI to impact the world, read through the different options below.

Pick how to give your time, abilities, and passions, get connected in a meaningful way, and learn how to make a difference!


There are a variety of ways to volunteer your talents with AGI...

CONTENT WRITER - Write blog posts for AGI's website and stories for newsletters

AGI AMBASSADOR - Speak to different organizations, faith communities, and groups about the work of AGI

OFFICE ASSISTANT - Help to fulfill orders, organize files, input data, and other administrative tasks

GIFT MARKET HOST - Coordinate a gift market for your community or create a CrowdFund for your birthday, wedding, or other event 


Inspire your community to support humanitarian and environmental causes by...

• Volunteering to coordinate an alternative gift market

• Growing faith through scripture lessons designed around AGI's cause areas (hunger relief, environment, education, etc.)

• Hosting a Champions for Change gift market for the kids in your faith community


Encourage your students to make a difference and educate them about global issues by...

• Incorporating lessons about global issues like poverty, hunger, health, and the environment into your curriculum

• Providing a fundraising challenge to your students to raise money for a cause from AGI's catalog

• Offering a point-based rewards system for good behavior that allows students a chance to spend earned points on gifts from AGI's catalog -- i.e., 500 points for reading 5 books can be used to buy 15 meals for the hungry


Engage your employees and customers while impacting communities around the globe! You can...

• Give a designated amount annually to a Cause that aligns best with your company’s mission and values

• Contribute a percentage of profits, or donate a portion of proceeds from the sales of a particular product

• Host a fundraiser or Alternative Gift Market where staff and customers can donate or buy gifts directly

• Use gifts from our catalog for employee and corporate gifting 


• Add "Alternative Gift Markets Inc." as your AmazonSmile charity

• Incorporate AGI into your planned giving

• Ask your employer to match your giving

• Enroll in monthly giving to one of AGI's causes (3 - Food & Shelter for Americans, 28 - Help Every Cause Succeed, or 29 - Support Our Mission)