What is an Alternative Gift?

An Alternative Gift is a nontraditional way of giving. It’s a meaningful gift that will help someone in need. For example: Uncle George loves working in the yard. For his next birthday instead of gifting Uncle George a tie or some other traditional gift, you could plant a tree in his honor. He will receive a greeting card with an enclosed gift insert describing the gift given in his honor. 


We have a variety of unique causes to choose gifts from. You may choose a gift to one of our education causes in honor of a teacher or to a healthcare cause in honor of a nurse or doctor in the family. Your gift recipient will receive a greeting card of your choosing with a gift insert inside, describing the cause you supported in their honor.

You can also choose to host an Alternative Gift Market. An Alternative Gift Market is an event that brings together groups of people who are passionate about making a difference. It’s a fundraising event typically hosted by churches, schools, or community groups. Shoppers (donors) are invited to support causes from our catalog, which are featured at Gift Market booths.

Each year, hundreds of various groups adopt causes from our catalog as their missions. The volunteers decide on which projects they will feature at their market, and we send them all they need to plan and prepare for their market. By hosting an Alternative Gift Market, the volunteers bring about change in a BIG way to the most impoverished places in the world. Through their efforts, trees are planted, clean drinking water is made available, women have equal rights, the sick are healed, and people can grow food for a sustainable future. Our fellow global citizens need our help, and a community gift market gives them HOPE. Start your market!


When you give an alternative gift in honor of someone, you are giving freedom, hope, peace and security to people around the world. Your gift goes further with our organization, because we only retain 10% of all donations. Ninety percent of all donations go directly to the cause. You will always know where your money is going when you donate to AGI.