What our Donors Are Saying

Being able to give a gift that will help improve not only a persons life but the life of a community is why I choose AGI. I also have the knowledge knowing that my money is going directly to the cause and not in the pocket of a CEO - Maria J
A superbly meaningful and efficient way to help people around the world.
—Tony P.
They are doing good work for humanity... making the world a better place.
—Raymond M.
I believe that this is really helping people. Donate to them. They really help people.
—Juan M.
I love doing all my holiday shopping at such a fun and inspiring event. I always find projects whose focus matches those near to the hearts of my gift recipients. It’s so easy to give a gift that honors my family and gives hope to another. - Suzi Miner
Take a look and be inspired…
—Melissa B.
Very inspiring.
—David H.
Used to work here years back. Miss this place dearly and one of the best places I have been. Sweet staff, amazing message, and such a spectrum of causes to help. Would look into learning more!
—Ashley A.

We are so thankful to be a part of your program this year" - Love Without Boundaries Foundation

We're so grateful for your recent gift of $11,000 which will help us provide life-changing opportunities for vulnerable communities in Egypt in the months ahead. Whether through microloans, job skills training, or entrepreneurship mentoring, these initiatives can alter the life trajectory of a person—and even that of their children and grandchildren." - HANDS Along The Nile Development Services
Thank you for your recent donation of $37,411. Our drilling season is just coming to a close, with 40 new wells drilled and 28 older wells rehabilitated. Thank you again for your generosity, which will make it possible for many people to have the advantage of fresh, clean water and hygiene education." - Water For South Sudan
Thank you for your donation of $11,640. Ethiopia Reads is a small nonprofit that relies on gifts from generous people like you who are helping to bring books and reading to the 50 million children and young people in Ethiopia with little to read beyond textbooks in their own language. - Ethiopia Reads
Thank you for your recent gift of $18,073. We are very grateful for your support of our shared mission to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. We truly appreciate your generosity and commitment. - The Nature Conservancy
The market is an amazing way to buy meaningful gifts for people who are blessed to have enough stuff. I especially like the fact that I can slip the project details into a card provided and simply mail it. - Lisa D Riley
I love the items that help someone start a business, or begin a goat herd, or plant trees, because I believe empowering others is the best way to make positive change in the world. If I want something tangible to give, I also enjoy Fair Trade gifts because I know they empowered someone across the globe to make a living for their family. - Katy Penner
The projects themselves bring me back to the market each year. As a privileged individual, I occasionally forget to count my blessings and forget that there are many issues still going on locally and globally and that although I can't do everything, I can do something to help. It is awesome seeing familiar projects from previous years along with new projects and I am always excited and ready to be educated by our project "sponsors." -My-Trinh Nguyen

Your support is helping Ethiopia Reads expand our library, training and book programs" - Scott Wolf, Operations Manager, Ethiopia Reads
Everything we are able to do is based on partnerships (like this)" - Nate Knatterud-Hubinger
Thank you so much for your support of our Casa Materna in Guatemala!" - Uli Imhoff Heine (PCI Global)
These gifts will provide food and pay for education expenses for the 40 children (K-12) at the orphanage, plus 3 "graduates" who still live at the orphanage and are attending college." - Barry La Forgia, International Relief Teams
Thank you for partnering with IMA World Health to make a difference for people around the world!" - Daniel V. Speckhard, President, CEO
Thank you so much! We're so grateful for your partnership." - Jennifer Cate, HANDS

"These gifts are perfect because you can pick something to fit the person your giving to." - Connie Colter