How To Host A Gift Market


There are numerous ways to host an Alternative Gift Market. The main idea is to raise funds for Causes that you care about from the Gifts Inspiring Change catalog. Click the links below to download the information for the type of market you are interested in learning more about. 


To give you some guidance:

- Large organizations/churches typically host a local market: How To Host A Local Market

- School groups typically host a service-learning/school market: How To Host A School Market

- Individuals/churches who want an online market, typically host a crowdfund market (some churches pair this with their on-the-ground local market): How To Host A Crowdfund Market 

              - The success of your crowdfund can depend on how well you promote it. Click here to download templates for promoting your crowdfund!

- Small organizations who want a hands-off market that allows shoppers to purchase gifts at any time, typically host a catalog market: How To Host A Catalog Market

We are now offering some new ideas for markets:

- Express Market, AGI will mail pre-labeled catalogs to you to share with your organization and shoppers will order directly through AGI: How To Host An Express Market

- Drive-Thru Market, Shoppers will select gifts prior to the market date, and call in their orders to you, then someone will prepare their gifts in advance and on the market date, they will drive up to pick up their gifts: How To Host A Drive-Thru Market

- Direct Mail Market, Send your mailing list to AGI (in this specific format) and we will mail catalogs for you. Then, shoppers will order directly through AGI: How To Host A Direct Mail Market


No matter what market type you choose, our main goal is to encourage our volunteers to be safe. Below are safety posters you can hang at your market event to promote safety, and guidelines to keep your in-person market safe. Click the links below to download.

Safety Posters 8.5 x 11

Safety Guidelines


Check out these free downloadable games! You can play them at a market event online or in-person. These games are educational, and can be played as a stand-alone event.

AGI Jeopardy


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (AGI Style) There's music for this game! Click here.

TABOO (The Alternative Gifts International Edition)

Marketing your market

Social Media Kit

The information in the social media kit helps you learn how to use social media effectively for your gift market. Social media is a great tool to help educate your audience on what an alternative gift is, and let them know about your upcoming gift market. While it is free to use social media, it is a great opportunity to leverage the audiences that are online.


Social Media Hashtag Guide

Learn how to use hashtags effectively when publicizing your Alternative Gift Market.



Every year, we provide Kids activity pages to get the youth involved, and to educate them about world issues. Click the button to download the Champions For Change packet below.