Frequently Asked Questions

By creating a crowdfunding page, you can do something that will attract others to celebrate in a shared purpose. Anyone can build a crowdfund for any reason (it only takes 10 minutes). Learn more about it and reach out if you don’t see your question below.

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  • How do I choose which projects to support?

    What do you feel passionate about? Perhaps for you, you’d like to crowdfund for causes that provide food or shelter to orphaned children. You can then browse our causes listed under HUNGER RELIEF or HEALTH & WELL-BEING and choose which you’d like to support. Our crowdfund setup will guide you through each step. It’s that easy. You can also feature more than one project in your crowdfund.

  • How do I pick a goal?

    Picking a goal is a personal question. Read about the project and decide for yourself what goal to set. Each project has a “crowdfund” description. You can either use that or set your own goal. Be sure to write an exciting appeal, and it will attract others to help.

  • Can I support a particular region or country?

    Yes. Search the projects and choose which area of the world you’d like to crowdfund for. All projects have their locations listed.

  • How do I get people interested in supporting my crowdfund?

    Customize your crowdfund appeal using your own words to excite the people who see your page. Add a photo, too! Once you set up your crowdfund, you have a variety of options for sharing it, including Facebook or Twitter using our built-in share feature. You can also take the website link and share it via email or create your own social media posts for it. 

  • Can my children crowdfund using your platform?

    Yes, but they should have adult supervision, and a guardian should maintain control of the page. Kids are the future and getting them involved is why we were founded back in 1986, to educate and empower generations of youth to grow up knowing the importance of helping others. 

  • Can my class/club/business/community organization crowdfund using your platform?

    Yes. Your group can use our crowdfund feature to create a team page and crowdfund as a group to reach more people. Our donors love being able to improve their team building while working for a good cause.

  • Tell me about the donation feed on my crowdfund page.

    Donors to your crowdfund can share their names or choose to remain anonymous. The rolling feed shows the activity on your crowdfund, which will excite others to give. When people view your crowdfund, they will see a running total of donations toward the goal. 

  • How are the donations handled?

    We are a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. All donations process directly to Alternative Gifts International. Donations are 100% tax deductible. We commit 90% of donations go directly to the causes designated by the donors. Each donor will receive a tax-receipt for their gift.