Escaping Extreme Poverty Through Education

May 23, 2018

AGI and Kenya Education Fund’s partnership spans over a decade. The focus of these partner projects have continuously been about providing education to children of families living in poverty. For young girls living in the Kibera Slum Community, an education means the difference between a life of continued suffering or a life where they can afford the necessities for one well lived.

Providing these young women with an education will allow them the opportunity to escape a life of poverty and the very real risk of having no other option for survival but to sell their bodies. Through our partnership with the Kenya Education Fund, we are creating a new reality for the children of the Kibera Slum.

Eighteen-year-old Diana is a perfect example of this program. Diana was raised by a single mother who brought home just two dollars a day. Through the aid of donations, she was provided an education, where she graduated at the top of her class. She hopes to become a doctor someday. That is a future unimaginable without the goodwill of those willing to help.

This project relies on the good will of donors. You can help support these children by donating to this cause.

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