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Executive Director Surinder Moore Makes Statement Following The Tragic Death of George Floyd

June 3, 2020

On June 3 , 2020, Surinder Moore, Director of Alternative Gifts International, released the following statement regarding the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, on May 25, 2020:

The brutal murder of George Floyd is a reminder that America has a long way to go to achieve equality, banish racism and brutality in whatever conceivable form it exists. Mr. Floyd’s name is now added to a long list of African Americans killed by law enforcement−a list that is increasing each year (2018: 996 and 2019: 1005 – Source:

Many are asking: “How do we make this right”? I believe we each have a responsibility that goes further than our four walls, a responsibility to call out injustice and racism wherever it rears its ugly head. One cannot simply declare oneself an ‘anti-racist’ and be a by-stander to this atrocity. We also can no longer continue to band-aid the issues of inequality; real meaningful change needs to take place, and it begins with you and me. It begins with active listening and learning about the issues African American’s face daily.

For black and brown people to live on a land and call it home, yet live in constant fear for their lives is something we cannot allow to continue. Period. America promises liberty and justice for all, yet reality tells another truth in the existence of minorities living here. Protests are held across the nation and across the world. But when the dust settles and the protests are over, what will we each actively do to create meaningful lasting change?

Alternative Gifts International partners with many nonprofits to create a more equitable life for those living in underdeveloped countries. We serve in over 35 countries, and we serve people who are a variety of skin color, who worship differently than us, and have many cultural traditions that vary from ours. Serving them is not contingent upon conformity to our ways, we serve them because they are human and have a right to a dignified life. We, as an organization, will be a part of the solution to the vile problem of racism by connecting you with organizations that promote peace and justice. Two of those organizations are: The Equal Justice Initiative ( and Black Lives Matter ( Finally, our work and mission to create a fair and equitable life for all people compels us to uphold that Black Lives Matter, and we will do our part to ensure people of color are afforded the same rights and dignity that EVERY human being deserves.


Surinder Moore

Executive Director 

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