March 27, 2020

The state of our country, and many other countries around the world, are in complete panic over the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. The uncertainty is affecting us all; particularly those who are especially vulnerable: the elderly, expectant mothers, kids, and people with autoimmune deficiencies. There are also those who were marginalized in many ways before the pandemic¬-those with little to no access to healthcare, for example.

Surviving the Corona virus depends heavily on the person’s overall health. That is why YOU can contribute to changing the world even in the midst of what is seeming to be a crisis. Here are a few simple ways you can change the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Donate To A Nonprofit Cause

There are many charitable programs that offer help to those in need during a crisis. However, not many nonprofits provide long-term solutions for individuals to have a better life. Alternative Gifts are unique gifts that give a hand up for vulnerable communities. During this time of a worldwide health epidemic, donating to causes that provide healthcare to people in need is of utmost value. Give a gift:

2. Donate Your Time

Volunteering in-person is not the only way you can help nonprofits. At Alternative Gifts International for example, we have a need for creative writers, call specialists, and gift market hosts. These are all things that can be done virtually, so your safety and health are protected.

Interested in volunteering? Email

3. Crowdfund For A Charity

A crowdfund is an online fundraiser for a cause you believe in. Creating a crowdfund is a simple process that takes minutes to complete. Then you invite your network of friends to donate via virtual channels (social media, email, text). Starting a crowdfund for health-related causes would impact thousands of lives around the world. Start here:

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