Join Us In Celebrating Lent

March 1, 2021

During this season of self-examination and reflection, consider an Alternative way to celebrate Lent. There are many ways you can join in the fun of giving back to uplift someone in need. Below are 3 impactful ways you can get involved with Alternative Gifts International for Lent!

Challenge #1: Give up coffee or fast food for a week, and make a donation to one of our Causes instead. When you’re always on the go, it’s convenient being able to stop and purchase food and drinks quickly. However, the money spent on convenience can soon lead to guilt if we are not careful. Making a donation to a Cause you support is something you can feel good about before and after the money has left your account.

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Challenge #2: Give an hour of your time each week for a month by becoming a virtual volunteer for AGI. These positions are available for willing individuals who are looking for volunteer opportunities that don’t take much time. Virtual volunteers are asked to provide writing services to help us connect donors with the stories of impact more frequently.

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Challenge #3: Designate one Sunday during the Lenten season to raise money for Causes that you care about, by hosting an Alternative Gift Market. There are different types of Gift Markets with varying levels of commitment involved. You could start a strictly online Gift Market with little effort, or a larger scale Gift Market with a group of like-minded people who also want to make a difference.

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