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Group of kids staring hopefully.

Anonymous Donor Will Match Crowdfunds By 25%

January 9, 2019

A crowdfund with Alternative Gifts is a great way to show people what you care about, while inspiring them to make a difference along with you. Anyone can create a crowdfund: A class, sorority/fraternity, a company, service clubs, families, crochet club... anyone! You can set up a crowdfund “market”…

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Alternative Gifts featured on Consumers Advocate Site

October 22, 2018

Here is a snippet from the feature story:


To encourage sound charity practices, the Wise Giving Alliance established 20 Standards for Charity Accountability that became the foundation of a comprehensive accreditation process. The WGA codified the principles of charity administration and called for…

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Volunteer Spotlight

May 23, 2018

Join us in congratulating Sally Huber as our Volunteer Spotlight! Sally has been a tireless volunteer for AGI and for the Wichita Community. Even though she’s pulled in many directions, her dedication persists. She checks in with us weekly to see what we need help with, simply because she has…

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Escaping Extreme Poverty Through Education

May 23, 2018

AGI and Kenya Education Fund’s partnership spans over a decade. The focus of these partner projects have continuously been about providing education to children of families living in poverty. For young girls living in the Kibera Slum Community, an education means the difference between a life of continued suffering or…

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Micro-loans Provide Macro-support

May 23, 2018

Farhana, which is an Egyptian name that means “joyful,” lives in a very simple, small house with her husband and her three children. She lives in a big village called Manhary in Minya governorate, where her parents and relatives live.

Farhana describes herself as a bit shy and afraid of dealing…

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Kingwood, Texas hurricane wreckage

Giving Relief After the Hurricane

April 22, 2018

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the news primarily focused on Houston. What people didn’t see on TV were the places surrounding Houston that were impacted, too. One of those was Kingwood, Texas. Right after the devastation, we contacted Lindy Nelson-Paryag, a longtime supporter of AGI and a market host with…

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