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Food Pantry

World Food Day

October 16, 2019

In the US, one in six people suffer from food insecurity. The fact of this statistic is, it takes just one devastating life event for things to spiral out of control, causing one to need assistance for basic daily necessities. Think about that for a moment. We are a nation…

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Indigenous Peoples' Day

October 14, 2019

Many cities across America have adopted and declared October 14th as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It’s a celebration in remembrance of the many indigenous people who lived and currently live in the U.S.A. As you may know, AGI’s office is based in Wichita, KS and on October 9, 2019…

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Water For South Sudan - Girl Fetching Water

Day Of The Girl

October 11, 2019

"We need to uphold the equal rights, voices and influence of girls in our families, communities and nations. Girls can be powerful agents of change, and nothing should keep them from participating fully in all areas of life." — UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Right now, in an undeveloped country, a…

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Children by a fire.

International Day Of Charity

September 5, 2019

Today we celebrate International Day of Charity as a way to commemorate the rewarding impact we’ve been able to make because of you. Our partnerships with nonprofits around the country, dedicated volunteers, and loyal donor base, make it possible for us to reach the darkest corners of the world,…

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Girl staring at camera smiling.

Celebrate World Day of Social Justice With AGI

February 20, 2019

Social justice is a concept based on human rights and equality in regards to the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privilege in society. This idea was formed during the Industrial Revolution as a way to stop the capitalistic exploitation of human labor. Eventually, social justice expanded to include other forms of…

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Donor Wade Anderson Uses YouTube To Gift Alternatively

Subscribe, Enter to Win, Change the World!

February 7, 2019

When we think of all the creative and inspiring ways our supporters gift, one name comes to mind: Wade Anderson. Wade hosts a YouTube Channel and blog titled “Tesla Social”, and each month he runs a contest where subscribers to his channel must solve mysteries, answer questions, and spot…

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Group of kids staring hopefully.

Anonymous Donor Will Match Crowdfunds By 25%

January 9, 2019

A crowdfund with Alternative Gifts is a great way to show people what you care about, while inspiring them to make a difference along with you. Anyone can create a crowdfund: A class, sorority/fraternity, a company, service clubs, families, crochet club... anyone! You can set up a crowdfund “market”…

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Woman at podium standing next to small group smiling

Alternative Gifts featured on Consumers Advocate Site

October 22, 2018

Here is a snippet from the feature story:


To encourage sound charity practices, the Wise Giving Alliance established 20 Standards for Charity Accountability that became the foundation of a comprehensive accreditation process. The WGA codified the principles of charity administration and called for…

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